Exterior Solar Screen Shades

FullTilt Blinds & Shutters has the solution for exterior Solar Protection.  Our products can be used for stopping the heat and glare before it gets to your window offering 90% protection from radiant heat.  But that’s not the only thing Exterior Solar Shades offer:

  • Motorized Solar Screen Shades with Sidetrack Zipper Retainment system

    • Stop 95% of UV penetration to protect your flooring and furnishings
    • Maintain your outside views
    • Lower room temperatures drastically and reduce heat transfer through the glass of your windows.
    • Installed on the exterior of the windows but controlled from the inside by remote controls, timers, or home automation.
    • Zippered side tracks keep the shades from flapping in the wind and offer protection from insects
    • Use as operational insect screening to enclose a porch.
    • Span up to 30′ with a single shade!

  • Patio Solar Screen Shades

    • Inexpensive alternative to the Track system that includes a manual operating system and optional sidetracks.
    • Includes hold-down brackets for the bottom rail to attach to the opening for use in very mild breezes.
    • Used mainly for existing screen porches to offer glare protection