Horizontal Blinds

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2″ and 2.5″ Blinds (Fauxwood & Real Wood)

Because of their affordability and durability, the most popular blinds I sell are the 2″ and 2.5″ fauxwood blinds. Constructed of 500 UV hour rated PVC, the fauxwood blinds from Graber are guranteed for life to not yellow, warp, crack, peel of fade. They are available in a variety of colors with options of valance styles and cloth tapes. With a true “Coastal” appearance, fauxwood blinds offer plenty of view through the slats when open and privacy when closed.  I also offer a full line of real wood blinds that are available in 1″, 2″ and 2.5″ slat sizes.  Real wood blinds offer more color selections and more stain selections than the fauxwood blinds offer.  They are also lighter in weight than the fauxwoods and have few ladders across the width of the blind.

Norman SmartPrivacy Fauxwood Blinds

Experience a new level of performance, safety, and flawless daily operation in SmartPrivacy® Faux Wood Blinds featuring Performance Cordless. SmartPrivacy® Faux Wood Blinds featuring Performance Cordless are more level when raised. They’ve also been re-engineered to prevent slats from shifting for exceptional reliability


SmartPrivacy® Faux Wood Blinds featuring Performance Cordless are “Best for Kids” certified and comply with the latest ANSI/WCMA standards. SmartPrivacy® Faux Wood Blinds featuring Performance Cordless are certified safe for extra peace of mind.


1. SmartPrivacy® System
2. Performance Cordless / Smooth Operation / Reliable Performance / Larger Max Sizes
3. Co-Extruded Slat with 2000 UV 125º HDT and Lighter Weight
4. Impact resistant, modern, valance free, polydeco headrail
5. Engineered Bottom Rail

Aluminum Blinds

FullTilt Blinds & Shutters also offers aluminum blinds in three different slat sizes: 1/2″ Micro-Blinds, 1″ Mini-Blinds, and 2″ Macro-Blinds.  With concealed brackets, nylon lift cords, and wand tilters, you can choose from a variety of colors to find exactly what you need.  Economical horizontal blinds make a subtle statement. Aluminum blinds feature an anti-static finish that repels dust and resists scratches and stains.

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