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Ask the expert! Have you considered what kind of window treatments you would choose for your home? Maybe you are just looking to upgrade what you already have? Check out our latest blog post where we meet with local expert Jonathan Daniels of Full Tilt Blinds & Shutters in Kill Devil Hills. He shares what is new this year in window coverings and some tips for picking out the right fit.

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Ask the Expert: Scoop on Window Treatment

You’ve built (or bought) the house of your dreams. It’s everything you’ve imagined it would be; and now it’s time to furnish and decorate!  Where do you begin?

Window Treatments Set the Stage

Window dressing is similar to accessories in fashion; they tie the room together.  But you also need to choose treatments that are functional and fashionable and will hold up to the environment of the Outer Banks (yes, we’re talking about salty air, the southerly wind, hot sun, high humidity and fluctuation in moisture).


We sat down with Jonathan Daniels, owner of FullTilt Blinds & Shutters in Kill Devil Hills, to get the scoop on what’s hot this year when it comes to window coverings.

What room(s) are people focusing on right now?

The great room, dining room and sun room are all hot spots for window treatments.  These common areas are the most popular because it’s really where the relaxing and entertaining take place.  The trend right now is the solar shade; a vinyl-coated fiberglass mesh shade that has different textures to choose from for a fashionable and functional look.  These shades are priced moderately, they look great, and the quality makes them a great value all the way around. They are one of the only window treatments that allow you to maintain the view while blocking UV rays and glares.

What are the most challenging areas in a home?

In the bedroom, most people are looking to keep the light out for a good night’s sleep, but in the bathroom, they want it to be light and airy.  Many people like the 2” faux wood blinds – they’re super durable and are made from PVC which holds up well in environments that are susceptible to humidity and moisture. At FullTilt Blinds, we sell a line comparable to those in big box stores, but higher quality (less likely to warp, fade or crack) and offer a lifetime warranty.

For the bedroom, we often recommend plantation shutters.  They are versatile, cost less than custom drapes, and are very popular. They are really the only type of window treatment that can be factored into the price of the home because they typically convey when the home is sold.  For coastal homes that have a single panel window, we can custom order the louvers to be as wide as the window to provide better visibility and light.

What’s new and different?

When it comes to new construction, sliding glass doors are popping up in a number of rooms in the house.  Because the slider needs a window dressing just like any other window in the home, we’ve developed a custom drape specifically for sliding glass doors.  Designed with a reverse pleat, this drapery dials down the formal without being as casual as a tabbed drape might be.  The result? An upscale look for one of the most important windows in the home.  Because the drapes will likely be exposed to the harsh elements of the sun, we manufacture the drapes using Sunbrella and Outdura materials.  These fabrics are designed specifically to withstand the punishment, yet they are durable and easy to clean.

What about colors?

White, off-white and grey are the new neutrals.  A neutral drape or blind allows you to easily incorporate a splash of color with pillows, area rugs, art and more.  Although staying neutral may seem like a safe bet, it’s a smart decision and is trending off the charts.

What would you recommend for the exterior of the home?

Bahama-style shutters are great.  They’re functional and fashionable, and really add architectural style to a house.  Not only are these shutters attractive in design, they are also effective in function.  They protect from direct sunlight, and they also serve as privacy, but still offer a view of the outdoors and a welcome breeze on hot, sunny days. Most owners choose to have at least two or three shutters on the exterior of the home.

What are 3 things we can do to get started on a window-treatment plan?

Look at other houses (drive around town, check out Pinterest and company websites to see what types of designs you like).

Speak to a design professional about your goals; these individuals understand the market, what works best and what doesn’t, and they can help steer you in the right direction.

Establish a budget.  Figure out what you like and how much you can spend.  This will give you a baseline when selecting products.

Any other advice you can provide?

Choose a professional who does this type of interior decorating and design every day.  Your contractor can be helpful, but it’s not their primary focus.  Take the extra step to hire or speak to a professional.  Also, the measuring part of the job is critical.  As they say, “measure twice, cut once”.


For more information and details about each of the products described in this article, please visit FullTilt Blinds website.


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